The European context

In a critical moment when a wider debate is taking place regarding the competitiveness of the European economy, an effort for promoting a model of Sustainable Development including all social and environmental aspects of the development procedure as well as the new global challenges of climate change is well under way.


The Greek challenge

Given these facts, our country is called upon to adopt and implement the EU Directive in a period when the Greek Economy is in search of a new model of development based on sustainable development, meaning the balanced socioeconomic and environmental development that will open a growth path based on sustainability and social cohesion conditions.


The way

The Greek Sustainability Code is an up-to-date answer-proposal to the need of Greek state to create a methodology and a practical tool that will not only respond to the regulatory framework governing the EU Directive on non-financial disclosure but it will at the same time form a dynamic platform reinforcing the comparative advantage of Greek entrepreneurship based on Sustainable Development.


Way of Development

The adaptation of the Greek Sustainability Code to the national circumstances is the result of a wider dialogue and debate among a large number of Social Partners representing Greek Society, i.e. Institutional, Corporate and Academic bodies and actors, Local Administration and Civil Society Organizations and representatives of the Corporate Community.